How To Use 3D Holograms and their Importance

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Published: 18th August 2010
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Holograms have become the need of every business especially those related with low cost products. Low cost products have more probability of being imitated. Hologram is a specially designed image or photograph that appears under the influence of light wave interference. Although Dennis Gabor innovated basic technology of holography in 1947 but till 1960s it was not as popular as is today. After 1970, hologram technology passed through many development stages. Today we have several options to choose from various kinds of hologram technology to prepare our stickers. Seeing the increasing threats of imitation and estimated huge loss of market reputation, conscious business owners prefer to use 3D Hologram labels.

3D holographic technology is an advance technique used for scattering light to create an image. The created image seems three dimensional. The image records the picture of an object and reconstructs it in many ways according to the pattern of light. Viewers see different images in 3D hologram stickers when they see it from different angles. 3D Hologram labels are mostly used on flat surface to secure the originality of product till it reaches to the end user. 3D Hologram labels are in great demand almost in all the business sectors. Companies use this technology in variety of ways. Using 3D Hologram stickers on the credit cards is good example that proves its reliability. It prevents the cards from violation.

Manufacturing units utilize small stickers on boxes packages to guarantee the authenticity of product. Branded collectibles and artworks also come with 3D Hologram labels. There are no limitations for the use of 3D holograms. Every product has the scope of having it.

Proper designing is must to make the 3D Holograms more effective and impressive. The 3D Hologram stickers design should be capable to create the image of the company in client’s mind. So it becomes necessary to accommodate company logo in the 3D Hologram labels. Presence of company logo increases the importance and validity of
3D Hologram Stickers. The 3D Hologram labels should bear some message also. We can not change the logo frequently but we can change the message whenever we desire.

Making some changes in 3D Hologram labels becomes must to null the possibility of fake labels creation. Apart from the designing of 3D hologram stickers uniquely and keeping them always fresh, selection of right 3D Hologram labels printing agency is also important.

You should select the company on the basis of its business repute and experience in providing 3D Holograms. The selected company must have its own in-house designing and printing facilities. Outsourcing any of these services reduces the reliability of whole exercise.

To get the more benefits of using 3D Hologram Stickers, make your customers aware about the presence of 3D Hologram labels on your products. Presence of 3D Hologram stickers on the products increases the faith and confidence of customers in your company and product. On the other side imitators find it almost impossible to provide imitated products with same 3D Hologram labels within reasonable cost. Therefore, you get multiple long period benefits by using 3D Hologram labels.

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